Playing Order:

Check over - usually only available to instruments under 18 months old or instruments which have been serviced within the last 12 months.  Little or no dismantling, surface clean only. Minor leaks are cured, regulation is adjusted, corks and felts are checked and replaced where necessary. (Used to maintain peak playing condition in between full services.)

Full service:

Recommended every 12-18 months. Complete strip down & a thorough clean. Oiled outside & through the bore if manufactured from wood. All pad seating checked, any leaks cured. Up to 3 pads replaced. Spring pressures & vent heights set up. Any heel & regulation corks or felts replaced as necessary. Lubricated & regulated throughout.


As above but ALL pads replaced & ALL cork replaced. Prices will vary depending on type of pads fitted. e.g. leather or cork pads are more expensive than skin

Guideline prices  (from)

Play order Service Repad
clarinet £35 £48 £100
flute £45 £60 £130
piccolo £60 £90 £150
sax - alto/tenor £50 £75 £240
sax - soprano/bari £70 £95 £300
oboe £70 £95 POA
bassoon £90 £130 POA

Single Jobs:

Fit saxophone neck cork   £14.00
Fit clarinet tenon cork        £8.00

Fit single spring  £12.00

Expand sax neck or flute foot tenon  from £15

soldering jobs & dint work from £20.00


N.B  up to  3  pads may be included in the service price further pads replaced will be charged individually:

clarinet/piccolo/oboe  ( skin)  £3.00 each
clarinet/piccolo/oboe  (cork)   £6.00  each
clarinet/saxophone  (leather)  £6.00  each

flute pads £5.00 each. flute open hole £8.00 each


Please remember these prices are a rough guideline only. Each job is assessed individually  - which doesn't always mean it will be more expensive sometimes only a minor adjustment is needed

 Prices do not apply to Vintage instruments - please call to discuss


Some brass work undertaken  -   please call  to discuss your requirements